Oral health problems associated with clean, much attention has been paid to people’s life quality improve product adopts the new type high voltage pulse water technology, can be more efficient to solve the bad breath, dental plaque, embedded teeth, periodontitis, gingival bleeding and other oral health problems, and also the function of massage gums. Hereinafter referred to as the „water floss“, environmental protection and easy to use pollution-free, one minute to quickly solve the problem of the mouth clean.
Product design inspiration „jellyfish“, clever union store and the pioneering around one big water tank design, the maximum capacity of 290 ml. Solves the existing market feed water tank capacity of problem, at the same time keep the hand grip comfort. Machine adopts the most advanced nine seal waterproof design, the movement and the tank is completely isolated, fine filter water, blunt teeth magnetic suction nozzle is received and the base charging ways, make the product more secure waterproof, cleaner portable and easy to use.

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