This product is called intelligent light-up makeup mirror, which includes the following features:
1. The exterior design uses the metal body to make the product texture and color look more delicate and fine.
2. The mirror can be manually adjusted to the appropriate angle.
3. The mirror supports LED lighting effect, the light is soft, making the mirror surface clearer. Mirror LED lighting effect, the light is even soft, the mirror is clearer to restore the real effect. The light adjustment can simulate the light state in various scenes, making the makeup look fitter in different scenes.
4. The switch can be controlled by manual touch or infrared intelligent sensor, and it can also connect the phone APP via Bluetooth, so as to set the lighting mode and meet the human needs.
5. The mirror provides customers with weather, UV index reminder functions so that they can travel in convenience.
6. The wireless charging function of the base case can be placed easily by hand to charge the mobile phone and handheld beauty instrument with wireless charging function.
7. Inbuilt lithium battery storage, convenient for mobile use.

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