Hygienic Function: Click Top Opening Jar is a smart designed package with patented technology. The basic concept of the jar is one touch button for easy control. Its patented technology focuses on no more screw type packaging and hygienic function. The quickest and easiest creative design stands out the skin care packaging. It is designed with ergonomic cap opening and closing system to provide effective solution and high level of hygiene as minimizing hand-touch. Only press the button, the cover will be opened automatically and you will not have any trouble opening the jar, when your hand is getting wet.
Convenience: This smart jar is for the target users who are looking for a convenient and effective solution to open it with one hand. Also, it is designed for those people who are one handed and it is definitely effortless. You can simply click and get the best experience with this smart click top opening jar. The innovation of click opening jar is to open it in a second. This outstanding unique package brings out a visionary technique through brand differentiation and competitive advantage with disruptive capping system.

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