The slim, ergonomic shape of the Chrom2Style hair clipper allows it to fit perfectly in the hairdresser’s hand. The innovative edge of the handle automatically guides the user to the appliance’s centre of gravity and therefore allows them to work from the wrist in a manner that is balanced and easy on the joints. The adjustment lever at the back of the appliance ensures simple cutting length adjustments and is easy to operate for right-handed and left-handed users. The easy-grip switch combines intuitive operability with ergonomic functionality. The brushed structure in combination with a matt surface, which not just emphasises the shape and dynamism of the appliance but also ensures an optimal grip and safe operation, is one of its visual highlights.
The deeply recessed titanium-coloured cover underscores the Moser brand values
Pure. German. Precision. and allows for the easy implementation of future special editions – anything is possible from real wood and metal to textile and a personalised surface.

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