In developing the product line BJÖRK, we have aimed at a timeless design, which blends harmoniously with any bathroom interior.
The cylindrical form lends a slender appearance and is a unique feature of the product range. We have strived to make each unit seem to float on the wall. This impression is achieved by continuing the housing as close to the wall that the cylinder seems unbroken. Not only does the classic and simple expression suggest a long lasting design, it also provides functional advantages, such as reduced noise during use of the hand dryer. The cylinder shape deadens and softens the sound, which contributes to a better user experience. Furthermore, the changeable top allows interior architects to let colours and materials integrate with the surroundings, thus creating a more harmonious design. The simplicity of the design ensures that the DNA of the product line is easily applicable to future products, such as waste bins, soap dispensers, etc. We believe that BJÖRK represents a product collection that combines form and function and at the same time will bring the concept for bathroom layout to a new level. This is sustainability in its most beautiful form.

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