The design inspiration for this product comes from Ballet, only press the button gently, it can rotate360°automatically like a ballet dancer. The traditional curling stick adopts the manual curling mode, which is very inconvenient during the operation. There will be inconsistent hair styles on both sides, and the hair behind the brain is too hot to roll. Our innovative ideas of this product is automatic hair all-around, only need to determine the direction and press a key, it can curl double direction in about 10 seconds.Our product adopts 33mm diameter golden proportion reel, which can be used for long hair and medium long hair for various shapes, such as pear curl, wave roll, inner button and so on. Five double temperature model (120 DEG -200 DEG), suitable for different kind of hair to make up different hairstyle. Anti ironing design, PC material is used outside the product, heat PTC panel is used inside, so that the internal temperature is 200 degrees, but the external temperature is low.Omni-directional anti clip hair design.There is 1mm space between the two splints, and 1mm air gap between the hair and the heating plate. The hair does not contact the heating plate directly.

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