AMIRO O SERIES is an 8 inch LED sensor mirror with unique lighting method – circle panel light transmit – 4 led beads in the bottom of light panel, and more than 100,000 reflect dots on the light panel to transmit the bottom light to the top, therefore, we dramatically cut led energy consumption, improve light strength, and do no harm to eyes (not face directly into eyes). In aesthetics, we treated the LED mirror as a „Solar Tree“ on the dressing desk, because in AI age, products without thinking and moving abilities are „plants“, LED mirror is the tallest product on desk and plays crucial role as the sun in nature. Consequently, we removed traditional mirror foundation in order to present a Tree (does not live in flower pots), released desktop capacity, and designed a sophisticated silicon suction cup underneath to maintain stable; equipped sensor to allow user hands free manipulation; created unique spindle to allow 2 axis rotation, easy to store and dramatically decrease shipping package size.

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