Functional design and ergonomics define WaterCandy, the new revolutionary hand shower. Lightweight and easy to handle, with an appealing and original aesthetic, it offers the experience of a variable intensity hydrotherapy massage.
WaterCandy, besides performing its natural function, is able to exert a massaging action on the body. Thanks to the practical back strap you can easily hold the shower and enjoy the benefits of the massage: as an ideal extension of a hand, the water is free to follow the body and choose the distance, up to completely cancel it, through the direct contact of the nozzles on the skin. Handy and contained in the dimensions, WaterCandy exploits the hydrotherapy ability of water to promote an anti-stress relaxation; at the same time it stimulates an awakening of vital energies, thanks to jets of different intensity and flow that can be adjusted according to need.
A unique product, with an unexpected aesthetic. WaterCandy is an appealing object that amazes for its ease of use and comfortable grip. Simple to install, WaterCandy adapts to any pre-existing system thanks to the plug & play universal adapter. The soft silicone nozzles prevent limescale making.

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