Innovative: Inspiration: The product has the musical notation „Quarter Note (Crotchet)“ shape and piano black-and-white-key color, and also a perfect blend of round and square complementing each other, while its black and bright chrome is such a unique match. The delicate arabesquitic adornment on the wheel also made the product look so beautiful and elegant. Moreover the thermostatic function is another highlight of the product.

Practicable & Functional: The wheel perfectly adjusts and prevents instable temperature change during showering, plus a safety lock is designed to protect children from scalding. The product body can work as a shelf to place bathsoap or showergels. The swivel spout provides large flow to greatly reduce water filling time for bathtub, also it can automatically divert water between shower and tub, and save space at closing status.

Aesthetic: The best product is simple but elegant. The handle has directive marks to guide how to turn on & off. The handle and body are perfectly aligned as an integral whole. The arabesquitic adornment on the wheel makes the whole look so plentiful and splendid, and could effectively prevent slippery.

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