GENIE is a truly innovative hand shower with a pressure boosting and water saving technology ensuring an indulging showering experience to people living in parts of Asia where water pressure and scarcity are daily issues. It features a simple yet very iconic Design enhanced by unique functional features for convenient daily usages.

The transparent spray face and back part allow the user to see inside and enjoy how the water exits from the product as there are no complex internal mechanisms. The inside cavity and micro perforated spray face were designed and engineered to boost the water flow while ensuring that the spray remains stable and soft. Also, this fine balance between Design and engineering helps to reduce the water consumption of several liters per minute in comparison to traditional hand showers.

In parts of Asia the water is often of a poor quality and outlets get clogged easily. As a result of the transparent material, the user can see inside so they know when to maintain the product. The back part features a slot in the center which allows the person to easily rotate the part with a coin, a key or our specially designed tool, and remove it to clean the inside.

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