Vogue is a series of bathroom furniture and is marked by his purist and sophisticated design. The series is finished with a solid core 6mm panel to enhance his fine lines. Solid core is characterised as a user-friendly and luxurious product that is generally used in the kitchen world but also lends itself extremely well for the use in bathroom areas. Solid core is available in a range of colours always with a black core. White, however, exists with a white core.

The refinement of Vogue is enhanced by the addition of a versatile make-up cabinet. The cabinet, with his many functions, is the perfect reflection of the know-how and craftsmanship of our company and the finesse of the vogue series.

The series consists of base cabinets combined with build-in or build-on basins in mineral marble, tall cabinets, a make-up cabinet, mirrors and accessories. The base cabinets solely consist of drawers and are equipped with a high-performance push-to-open system.

Vogue is a modular bathroom series that can be fully fitted to the needs and style of its environment and user.

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