Our production is a kind of soap box. The solution of our production is to solve the water is difficult to discharge, and after using the soap, there is a water stain on the sink. 
Put the soap in soap box, there is a loop of grooves in the soap box to hold the soap. The bottom part of the soap box is glued with Velcro and sponge, water and lather will flow down the hole in the soap box to the double layer of sponge, which can be used directly to clean the sink. The sponge can be replaced. Just press the soap box gently and the excess water can flow out of the sponge.
Make people subconsciously after using soap soap to be included in the box, to wipe the counters are redundant stains and soap residue, avoids the clean with a clean cloth when wet hand, make cleaning easier and more convenient. The replaceable sponge and the soap box itself are made of polypropylene, which is environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly.

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