Reframe Collection is a new series of bathroom accessories, where focus has been on creating a range of products, with an aesthetic connection and an improvement of an existing functionality – Reframing the existing bathroom experience. The soap shelf and shower wiper is the hero product of the collection. Besides creating a place for the shower essentials, the shelf also provides a fixed home for the shower wiper. Hidden magnets in the wall mount and shower wiper ensure a secure and discrete placement, keeping the wiper easy to access.

The key magnetic feature solves the issue of placing the shower wiper. Instead of placing it on the floor or buying a separate solution. The shelf is produced in a reinforced steel plate with grooves to lead away excess water. Around the edges of the shelf a thin line is laser cut, to keep the shower essentials from slipping, when the shelf is wet.

The wiper consists of a reinforced steel frame which carries a piece of high quality silicone. This construction ensures that the applied pressure is distributed evenly and leaves an effective and even cleaning. The silicone bumpers on all sides protect the bathroom tiles and other surfaces

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