The Kleenex Reveal™ Countertop System is a thoughtfully-designed folded paper hand towel dispenser designed to enhance the guest experience in commercial washroom environments. Every component of the dispenser has been designed with the end user and servicing staff in mind, from the proprietary Overload Prevention feature to the Tray Assist mechanism to the magnetic refill indicator. Guests benefit from having a user-preferred towel dispenser option directly at the sink instead of having to drip water across the counters and floors to reach wall-mounted units or reach for exposed, potentially contaminated towels in open baskets. They also benefit from an additional 15% towel clip capacity, helping ensure that the dispenser is never out of product when needed.
Servicing staff also benefit from having a cleaner washroom to maintain, as well as the simple one-handed refilling process. Even the assembly process has been considered, with all plastic pieces snapping together and the entire assembly only needing 4 screws. All this combines to create a dispenser that fits within a variety of washroom environments, maintaining a hint of colorful expression and adding a touch of premium.

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