REVO plug, from REVO-LUTIONARY, is a new pop up waste plug’s concept for washbasin. The main features of REVO are a technic side and a design side. A traditional plug works thanks to a metallic screw and nut on the bottom part, in order to set the high that makes the waste able to be open and close using the lift rod on the back of the tap. The high of this plug can change. The metallic parts can become oxidised and get broken. We developed a new high setting system, taking off the metallic components and replacing them with a regulation rod made by polypropylene. Making pressure on the body’s wing you are able to set the high in a easy and permanent way. The regulation rod has a hole for the anti-theft function. We also replaced the traditional o-ring tightness gasket with a flexible membrane. REVO plug on the top part is made by an interchangeable cover that is available in different sizes and material: small Ø38 and big Ø 68. The bigger cover has two function: the first is have the feeling of a click clack waste using a cheaper pop up, the second is an economy way to refresh the washbasin if with the time it has been damage, because its diameter cover the full waste.

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