Woobo is an interactive, educational robot companion who answers questions and inspires kids to learn new things every day. We created Woobo to fulfill the dreams of many children: to have a patient and caring friend who will grow and communicate with them. The appearance of the robot is a unique and fluffy character with a fantastical history. We carefully selected super soft plush material for Woobo’s body so it is comfortable to hug and durable enough to withstand drops. Woobo has a hilarious personality and is able to display more than 100 facial expressions through an LCD screen. More than just laughing and joy, kids always discover many little surprises as Woobo detects and reacts to speech, sound, light, touch and shake. Woobo’s clickable silicone ears light up with LEDs to show emotion and enhance gameplay. Navigation with Woobo is easy. Kids simply click Woobo’s ear and ask a question or request something from the library of content like a song, story, game, or joke. Squeezing Woobo’s hand also lets kids view and select from an easy-to-use, interactive interface

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