‘Show Me Your House’ isn’t a typical children’s book—it’s an innovative learning toy with simple, yet structured material that engages children’s natural curiosity and stimulates their imaginations. ‘Show Me Your House’ invites children from 3 to 8 years old to discover and develop their creativity. This 3D activity book is designed to be experienced and rediscovered every day. There’s a house to draw (on the page), to play with (by putting the cut-outs together), and to keep (tucked safely onto a bookshelf). On every page there’s something new to find, explore and colour. Superb drawings, precision cut-outs and well-crafted instructions allow children to think independently, to dream and, above all, to be creative. ‘Show Me Your House’ is the first of a series of activity books about everyday things. A house, a car, a castle, a tree—right from the get-go, children recognise the objects, enabling them to create their own own cities and landscapes in complete freedom. The result: singular pieces of art designed with unbounded imagination.

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