MatataLab – A new hands-on coding robot for kids ages 4-9,This is a very innovative concept to learn logic and coding in an intuitive way, without knowing how to write or read! No computer, no screen, no complicated setup, teachers are going to love it,Kids will program a robot, create music and art!
With MatataLab, We don’t need any professional programming skill before you show your kids how it works. As designed very easy to use, and by offering extra warm-up cards and easy-to-advanced booklets, parents can easily play with kids without any worries.
We not only make it easy to code, but also bring a lot of fun ways to play!
With MatataLab, kids don’t feel like serious programming, they are just playing some maze game adventure, create music or even drawing a picture which means something, your kids are born to be an artist, isn’t it?
Children’s safety is our top priority, We follow strict standards when we design MatataLab. For now, we are in the process of developing pilot production and will gain CE(EN71),RoHS, ASTM F963-16, CPSIA, 3C, SRRC accreditation certificates before delivery.

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