VIIDA Soufflé is inspired by minimalism and the velvety French dessert, soufflé. Soufflé Children’s Tableware was created with soft round edges and matte textured tableware. The tableware set are made with non-toxic and corrosion resistant 304L Antibacterial Stainless Steel. The polypropylene outer sleeve provides insulation from heat to protect your little ones’ hands to create a safe and enjoyable eating experience. The plate, bowl, and cup include a food grade silicone white lid for easy storage that can double as a snack plate or coaster. The bowl and cup have a high rim design to prevent your child’s mouth from coming in contact with the outer sleeve. The cup handle base is widened for an easy grip. The uniquely designed triangle rim on the plate prevents it from tipping over and provides additional grip. The plate has a reverse curve on the inside rim for easy scooping and preventing spills. The specially designed curved spoon and fork can be placed easily on the plate’s rim. The spoon and fork’s ergonomic handle sleeves provide a comfortable grip and can easily be removed to clean. The product’s easy-grip and non-slip design makes mealtime effortless and fun for children.

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