XENA car seat is the economical car seat usable by children between 9-36KG (9months~12years). You can install an impact shield for 9~18kg, and remove the impact shield for 15~36kg to use it as a junior car seat. It is an ergonomic design which took the body size of children by growth into account. If is a customized car seat for the growth of the children as the width of the shoulder is enlarged together if you make the headrest higher. If you separate the backpiece it is available as a booster car seat. It is compatible with all models. It can be fixed hard using belt-type ISOFIX latch and top tether. For a vehicle with which ISOFIX is not supported, you can fix the car seat using a vehicle belt.The seat is easily and quickly detachable. The angle of the car seat can be adjusted by pushing or pulling the lower part of the front of the car seat. The design motif and the concept are the love of parents. The simple line and curve provides unification from the headrest to the seat base. From the back, it symbolized confidence and coziness of parents embracing a child. XENA car seat considered both safety and design.

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