Parents entrust us with their most precious belonging : their child’s life. So we designed the most secure child seat system.

Installed back to the road, the child is better protected. The frontal impact, the most common in car crashes, is transmitted by the seat to the entire surface of its back, and not thru the harness. The impact is better absorbed, and the risk of cervical injuries is dramatically reduced.
AxissFix can welcome child up to 84cm, that is to say more than 2 years ! Beyond this size, the seat turns to welcome the child facing the road, up to 4 years and a half. Morover, thanks to the Isofix system, the installation in the car is perfectly secured and can be done in seconds. This seats fulfill the new R129 Isize European regulation, which classifies the seats by child’s size.
AxissFix is the first worldwide seat pivoting at 360°.
A 2yo child weight about 12kg. AxissFix turns, to avoid parents to hurt their back when installing the child in the car. The harness installation is then easier too. As usual at Maxi-Cosi, the design team carefully pay attention to every details of this eco-designed product.

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