For the novice parents, bathing the newborn is a hard and terrible task. Through this innovative bathtub design, we hope that the caregivers and babies of 0-2 years old can feel that „bathing is enjoyment“.

A built-in electronic thermometer, the three color state shows a steady and accurate water temperature proposal for novice parents (the water temperature range is referred to as the American Standard ASTM F2670-16a). Fixed system can fix showerhead, liberating the hands of caregivers in order to better take care of the baby. Water circulation system can get rid of the dirt floating through the side-hole when the water keeps flowing from showerhead. Because the baby may drain at bathing, the double-sinks design can avoid all water sources being polluted, and the water in the small sink is always clean, which can be used to clean hair and face. Ergonomic design chairs for babies of 0-8 months old, soft and comfortable, can prevent the baby from slipping, and can avoid the discomfort compared to similar products’ the crotch fixed bump. The design of the double-shells is better for continuous heat preservation.

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