Baby potty is a toilet trainer for children over 1 years old. It is an important transition tool for children from diapers to adult toilets.
Our design bases on the essence of the product to provide a quiet, good toilet environment for baby.
Round, simple, smooth shape with vivid colors are suitable for most modern home environment and attract more babies.
The sink uses antibacterial materials imported from Japan, long-term inhibition of Escherichia coli and other major bacteria, to bring more intimate protection for the baby.
In order to facilitate adults to take out the sink, the handle is designed at the top of the back of it, which can not only reduce stoop, but keep the hand away from waste in the sink.
Sink uses two kinds of surface treatment, sanding part can prevent the skin and sink adhesion when sweating. The inner smooth parts are easier to clean.
At the bottom of the toilet, rubber feet make it is more stable and safe to use.

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