Few highchairs have a good newborn solution; Stokke® Steps™ focuses on the newborn and has the ability to be used up until school age. Combining a bouncer and highchair, Stokke AS has created a new innovation.

The system accommodates children of different sizes, ages and with different needs. It is important to differentiate between the youngest children that need more support and older children who can sit unaided, usually from 6 months. As a child grows, the modular system covers the user`s needs. Step 1, 0-6 months, the bouncer can both be used separately with its cradling motion or as a higher baby seat, that allows interaction between parent and child e.g. during meal time at the dining table. Step 2, 6-36 months, the baby set encourages natural and active movement. Step 3, 3-10 years, the junior chair invites active use.

The design language grows with the child; the bouncer is soft and protective, the baby set is open and playful, while the junior chair is mature and interior friendly. High quality and the use of modules that gives the product a wide range of functions, provides Stokke® Steps™ longevity and the ability to be used for siblings or future generations.

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