The ‘one hand, one push, no-tip’ range of ‘Happy’ Infant Hair Care and Body Wash’ products from QKuts.
The act of bathing a child, the touching, the cleaning and the talking helps a child develops a bond with the parent that will last a lifetime. However, bath time can always be a challenging time for many a busy, young parent, as they cautiously learn to clean baby in a safe and stress free environment.
QKuts experts have designed a safe, easy to use dispenser that helps make bath time more fun and easy:
• ‘internal dispenser’ replaces potentially harmful ‘pointed’ dispensers.
• ‘Stabilising nipples’ keep the dispenser wobble-free while in use.
• Simple ‘one-twist’ open/close feature.
• ‘Super-soft’ suction cup sticks firmly to any flat bathroom surface. Once secure the dispenser will not fall over.
• 100% sustainable. Safe for a baby to pick up and hold.
• Natural body washes/shampoos that have passed strict E.U. ISO standards.
Parents can finally safely hold their baby in one arm and with just one hand use the dispenser and it won’t fall over.
The all-new range of ‘Happy’ Infant Body Wash and Shampoos from QKuts.

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