We believe utensils do not have to be boring and look like utensils. Our design inspiration stems from green plant elements found in nature Our final creation is an unique baby spoon in its look and function. It feels like a toy, looks like a plant, and can overall promote self-feeding and helping babies identify vegetables early on as a preferential food source. The spoon is made of food-grade silicone, a BPA free and safe material for babies. The gentle silicone is optimized in its hardness to achieve flexibility in its tip, bending and conforming to various angles to scoop all kinds of food. The length and the handle size is optimized for the little hands to grip. Babies/toddlers can play with it as a teether without risking potential gum bruising. A specially process was created to produce the fine surface texture of the spoon that mimics plants found in nature while increases firmness of the grip.

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