Liangliang is a brand dedicated to infant bedding sets, which positions itself as the expert of baby sleeping health in China. The most obvious feature of its product is to employ seeds, like ramie, with special treatment as filling materials in pillow, to achieve high permeability of moisture.
After 18 years of brand development,
Liangliang has been very simple, rational and highlight the natural texture of the product itself, shaping the success of the brand and the originality of the natural brand image, won a large number of loyal fans.
In this process, the brand image is facing the problems of aging, lack of differentiation and ununification.

Project requirements
In the background of the development of new consumer era, Liangliang face more young users, more intense competition in the market, so the brand is facing escalating demand. I hope to replace the brand new image with more vitality and imagination, and become a more emotional, warmer, imaginative.

Project focus
1. refine and express the features of brand and product, and display it intuitively in graphical language
2. brand image needs to be combined with the characteristics of the industry and the target u

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