ikiki™ shoes are designed to specifically for new walkers and their parents. They’ve been recommended by doctors and therapists to help toddlers learn to walk.
Each shoe features a squeaker in the heel which squeaks every time the child steps, which promotes proper heel-to-toe walking and provides motivation for toddlers taking their first steps.
Parents do not always want their kid’s shoes squeaking, so we designed a patented on/off switch. The on/off switch features a double-chamber reed system which forces air through a chamber with a reed when turned on and through an empty chamber when turned off. Allowing air to flow through the chamber makes the squeaker safer by stabilizing the shoe whether the squeaker is on or off.
ikiki™ shoes are flexible, durable, breathable and include antibacterial insoles to create an ideal environment for a developing foot. Our single-velcro strap design offers maximum ankle support for kids with narrow and wide feet.
The wide opening at the cuff of the shoe makes them easy to take on and off and also allows children with Ankle Foot Orthosis (Ankle Braces) to wear them without the need to purchase expensive, specialized shoes.

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