The Art Malling Project is to launch a new shopping mall introduced by Hyungji, Korea’s No.1 Fashion Group. We characterized the shopping mall not only as a space to simply buy and sell products, but also that reflects individual life styles. In this space, the customer can pursue a ‘Malling’ experience in which his or her various tastes and preferences are met, rather than just ‘Shopping’. We define this concept as Taste Malling and set it as the core value cherished by our brand. The naming, the identity and space design for the new mall had been conducted in accordance to the concept of Taste Malling.

The target of Art Malling is the neo-emotional humans, who are a group of sensible customers leading the 21st century. We hereby suggest a new life style that satisfies their diverse motions and tastes. Shopping malls are more than just providing products necessary for daily lives. It is a life style space that brings new enjoyment to your daily life. This is the concept of Taste Malling. Through Taste Malling, the customer can now enjoy a new, delightful experience in the boring everyday life.

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