Waterfalllocated at the center of Taipei , and next to the biggest park in Taipei . We expect a different design that can be unique and coordinated with park and environment .

„The old buildings on both side look like the embankments of river , the new building is a waterfall , falling down from sky and running through the park.“Sou Fujimoto, a genius Japan`s architect said.
To be a waterfall , there are hundreds of glass Perpendicular to curtainwall , arranged in 8 lines . Different specification of glass make the facade like a running waterfall . It`s 3600mm to 4200mm length , 500mm width , 24mm thickness for each glass supported by 15mm thickness stainless steel . They are painted in different kinds of blue , to imitate the multilevel colors of waterfall . Horizental flats are water sprays of waterfall .
Lighting plan is another key point of this building . Thousands of LED lights were used on the facade . A huge waterfall of lights showed every night . Clouds ,lightning ,rain ,river ,sea ,waves ,sunshine ,there are many programs to show the cycle of water . Refletions of glass make the light brilliantly .

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