The architecture walls decorated with uneven surfaces are displaying the art of lines and planes. Reflected by the sunlight, the glass and window curtains fill the residence with heart-warming atmosphere.

In the living room, the floors decorated with large marbles and the wall painted in lustering beige demonstrate the grandeur atmosphere. The integration of greenery outdoor landscape, the majestic indoor space and the connected halls symbolizes the family union and pleasant living environment.

The large teak, extending from the ceiling to floor, delineates the kitchen explicitly. Equipped with well-functional kitchenware, the layout of open space, white bar and refrigerator, and Carrara bricks figuratively expresses the family intimacy.

The ordination of elevator and stairway makes traffic flow among rooms easier. The bedroom furnished with exquisite materials manifests magnificent style. Installed between the study room and bedroom, the TV wall delicately distinguishes spaces without suppressing the indoor space. The allurement of greenery plants and glittering sunlight proves the statement that the life is about aesthetics.

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