The abode is an eclectic extravaganza of natural marble paneling. Without too sumptuous measures, the space accentuates the innate elegant essence of rock veins comparing to metallic modernity. Grigio carnico is gracefully arranged in linear paneling forms, while white Cherokee marble transforms its vein irregularity into chevron pattern, pure yet lively. Titanium color-gilded stainless trims delineate lavish modernity along the way. While sunlight shines through the curtain sheer, the space generates glamorous shimmers, culminating with luxury yet serene vibes for residence.
Start from the entrance, the golden, harp-like, screen sets off the console table with welcoming floral plants. Enter into the rooms, the white Cherokee marble wall at the dining area in chevron pattern attracts attention, whereas the square-deboss pattern behind living room sofa acts an eclectic contrast. On the other face, Grigio Carnico marble is methodically arrayed in linear arrangement from entrance to the end of TV wall. A big slot of stainless hidden door to bathroom among the marble wall, and there’s a delicate open display shelving, minimalist and luxurious.

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