“Track” as a design concept, recording the past, the present and the future.

The designer utilized the black tiles with meticulous texture to extend through the whole indoor space and made each style interweave with others rather than conflict. It is similar to the concept of the independent members connected with family affection. They stay in the haven called “Home”. The design carried out the idea for the humanity.

Applying the engineered flooring to the ceiling, the design not only created lots of dynamic texture but also reflected the black matte floor tiles. The stable color created by different materials arrangement between the ceiling and the floor made the living room become the most peaceful and comfortable place.

The black matte floor tiles and the black wooden texture wall built the modest dining space. Owing to avoiding the perception being too cold, the designer specially selected the rose golden ceiling lamp. The numbers-clock on the black wooden texture wall corresponded to the V-shape tiled ceiling in the living room. It symbolized that whatever the time passing away; this space will record the wonderful family’s memory in the future.

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