Tongling Recluse is located in a remote village in the north of Anhui Province originally a normal folk house in the style of Huizhou and Yanjiang. Nested on the top of the mountain, the original roofing and wall were badly damaged.
Starting from the plan layout, we considered adding one bay to the west to reach the rocky mountain on one side, and another bay in the south-north direction to form a wider living space; We used sweeping curvature that rises to create an imaginary space detached from the original projection
The main indoor space mixed with the external veranda shaped by the interlaced new and old walls. The damaged walls in the building became sections of interior walls and indoor partition. From the east to the west, terrace, living room, dining room, kitchen, courtyard and bedroom lined up according to their privacy.
During construction ,the old bricks of the original wall were marked down with numbers and kept aside. After the new foundation and main steel structure had been completed, the marked old bricks were used to rebuild the original wall . In this way, we responded to the native culture and the vernacular sustainable concept.

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