On the basis of the perspectives of humanity, space, and environment, the interior design is planned in simple American-classic style. Different from the style of the calm black façade, the style of the white living room, light-colored polished stone floor, delicate white TV wall, white American-style couches and hold pillows, lamps, vases, and black ornaments, creates the simple but magnificent atmosphere in the public area, behind which the opened dining and kitchen, furnished with a kitchen island, create a comfortable place for family members by installing the round table and chairs, and beautiful chandelier. Continued the design of American-classic style in the public area, the private space on the upper floor is decorated in white, the place where the dark wooden floor, white wall panels, and the classic bedside table and bed, create the introvert and silent space. The bathroom in the main bedroom is furnished with terrace and windows that effectively separate the function of the toilet from that of the shower room. In the meantime, the bathroom is designed with the lighting, and the excellent view, the design that fulfills the idea of green architecture.

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