This real estate sales center is located in Hefei, China, which is one of the member cities of WTA (World Technoplis Association).he original space of the building is long and narrow; so the width is increased by gaining window surface area and installing green plants walls. The space layout is both open and private, meeting the requirements of commercial purpose and personal experience. The white spiral staircase at the end of the first floor naturally leads people’s eyes and steps to the prototype room in the second floor.The upright columns, the neat and symmetrical space structure, and the vertical frame imply the sense of security at home; the beige colored leather and leathered flannelette modern furniture, and the warm-toned lighting, are the core of the warm space and bring the sense of comfort at home.Through above designs to blend hard with soft element, the commercial sales requirements are balanced with the expectations of bringing feelings of a warm home.

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