We used common industrial elements as design material such as powder coated iron, recycled wood, colored ply, lotos and metal mash, etc. which combined together to display the differences of each material to define the interior space. The wire with plaster wall is quietly hidden behind client’s collections but it also weaves into the deliberately exposed RC beam and wooden-dock like ceiling which represents a calm but also crazy atmosphere to enrich the uniqueness and to strengthen the visual impact of the space. The design of the TV cabinet is by using the combination of shelves and drawers with various colored panels to not only have plenty of storage space but also give a lively feeling for the space. The cabinet with a nearby vertical metal pipe next to the entrance which acts as a piggy bank form a visual focal point of the whole flat. Metal elements such as animal head models, knifes and swords, wine rack which made out of metal pipes and door handles are used in this project, together with a lot of vertical edges they form a very masculine vibe just like the client’s philosophy of life which is always trying hard and not to be afraid of anything.

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