Lazurite & Aurora
Home tree is the symbol of the safest and warmest place in the world . The façade is designed to a big tree , hundreds of curves symbolize the veins of tree . The veins composed by lazurite and stainless steel .
Lazurite (or colored glass) is an ancient treasures , regarded as a kind of artwork in the modern time . This is a new creation, which we have taken as the main theme of the facade .
There are 18 complicated production process to be completed in a lazurite ,totally handmade . It took us an entire year to finish them . There are 3200 meters long of lazurite was installed on façade finally . It`s unprecedented, and the largest number of the lazurites used on the exterior of modern architecture
There is a beautiful legend, you will be happy for a lifetime if you saw the aurora . Thousands of LED lights appear through the lazurite , in the form of auroras . We hope to bring happiness to all people by precious lazurite and aurora .

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