Among Chinese „Sansui“ paintings, ink saturation was decorated as feeling of subtle peacefulness, multiple layers of ink repeatedly dying the canvas with unparalleled texture of decency and tranquility. With the perfect usage of ink, a total relaxation comfortably derived from the numerous layers of ink with euphoric sensation of decent elegancy.Designing a residential structure is like practicing Chinese calligraphy.With the touch of paint brushes, clean cut for the line that divided the space naturally, the trimmings demonstrate the energy and depthness for the compound. Layers of texture reflect the difference between similarity and opposite contrast at the same time also soften the visual boundary boarder line.The meaning for „Sansui“ could also defined with material of stone and minerals and transforming into massive or delicate characters.The illusory imaging of gray glasses, steel surface and mirror justified a foggy scene gracefully. Through the Dim light, the presentation of dyeing texture carry out exquisite neatness with tender harmony. Quietly, the atmosphere took off with the energy of life together.

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