In Taiwan, the residence pattern has become “Nuclear Family,” whose living style is independent of other families. Unconcerned living atmosphere of community is a common phenomenon in many condominiums. How to retrieve truly intimate emotion between people is the issue that we expect to discuss in this project.
“Nuclear Family,” which is composed of father, mother and children, is the main unit of home in Taiwan society. And the connecting relationship of support among family members is like a stable triangle, which could be symbolized the basic type of home.
No matter how many figures and roles we have in this competitive world, we can always retrieve ourselves to be a father, a mother, a son or a daughter at home. Home is a safe haven so that we can truly keep warm and face ourselves or families. So, “Truth” is the essence of home.
“Triangle,” the basic symbol unit of home and “T,” the initial letter of truth, are the design thinking elements in the spaces of this project. Not only do tell the essence of home and the relationship among family members but also let the residents feel the atmosphere of every space in order to introspect about the core value of family and home.

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