Art is the greatest thing, and what we do is just presented good things one by one.
The space of the blue sky, the angle of the sea. The sea level extending to blue sky which like a warm and strength power surrounding us. Sparkling on the entrance wall like the water waving on the level. The formation of corridors on the axis given us more space and spiritual connotation. This axis is distributed in the entire space, become the only communication medium. Each piece of art not only maintain symmetry ,but also outstanding personality and chic as well as elegant. Inspired by the conch from the rotation of a rotating staircase from first floor to second floor, from static to dynamic, turned into a device art. The whole space gray tone, return to the nature of space, where you can feeling different temperament.
The space technique continues a pure design language. The material in series with design themes, made every space unified at the right moment. Let the atmosphere of space showed its natural , not knead, not artificial. In the evening the space is becoming more peaceful, built up the inner quiet beauty , sculpture the whole space in a warm and simple atmosphere

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