Design is like the story of an ink painting on the stone wall. Different designs of each floor, like different strokes of the ink, show the uniqueness of each space and satisfy different purposes. Only when the ink blooms on the stone wall can the picture finally be perceived, and the picture here is how the interaction of the designs and the occupants bring about the beauty of life.

The designer is also another form of an artist. However, if the fundamentals of the design is just to be impressive and be unique, I feel that it will lose a portion of prospective occupants looking for a space to live in. The artistic appreciation of a space is a subjective, while the way of living in a space is practical and objective. I aim to strike a good balance between both elements in this project.

The design of this home includes many elements found in traditional chinese households but uses modern materials such as metal and glass to provide a balance. The abundance of hidden storage space in this home allow the occupants to bring an elegance and beauty to the home, like a work of art.

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