The owner of the case is a successful entrepreneur, where he is not only a new home with other family members, but also a private clubhouse for banquets. Therefore, he hopes to create a highly visual and honorable welcome in the public domain. The interior space is approximately 200 square-meters in area.the design of the overall space is driven by luxury and grandeur with exquisite craft tradition imbued in detailing.In dining-kitchen area with open kitchen design in cultivating a social-friendly kitchen ambiance,connecting space and users, while making the living experiences treasured by the inhabitants as spatial focus.With rich natural texture masonry element for the entrance walls, public area flooring and island dining table, echoing the living and hospitality needs of the owner. TV wall ismarble-based with shell mosaic, titanium alloy finishing and mirrors on both sides to reflect the main wall façade, while intertwining with elements of leather, gloss-finished paint, stainless steel and timber skin in various areas.

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