Except needed private areas reserved in the corners, partitions of solid wall are minimized to increase the spacious visual effect. Meanwhile, large-sized horizontal sliding doors are used as the hidden doors to separate space areas so as to enhance the visual effect of spacious extension.

In order to reduce the reflection of stereo, an unique shape of wooden reflection board with elegant color is designed to embedded in the center of the ceiling, making itself as the visual focus in the space. Certain areas are descended with wooden ceilings to form a sense of “house in a house”. It gives the different characteristics to the two main areas.

The materials of the walls
The tone of deep color wall is to cultivate the impression of elegance and serenity.
Steel plate: Installing large-sized steel plates with natural lines on the walls of the two sides of the main space enhances the image of extensive space.

Granite: granite with clear lines and strong color is adopted for the main walls to strengthen the image of calmness and staidness.

Mirrors: In addition to steel plates, mirrors are also used for the two sides of the main space to strengthen the impression

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