CHIEN HOUSE is Architect Chien and his parents wooden built farm home.
The project is divided into two sections:
First is “Healthy Eating” – With the home vegetable garden it allows small cycle of organic matters, through homemade culinary it brings out food’s original taste and health. Sharing “Food Philosophy” at the table, through choice of food: change lifestyle, change the environment.
Secondly is “Healthy Living” – With passive design to explore Taiwan native architecture style, through “Wooden House is Architect’s Home” as a model and teaching, with field study activities, seminars, and home stay experiences to share the “Living Philosophy”. Strive to change Taiwanese people’s stereotyping of “wood house”, gain their confidence and peace of mind.
The above two main sections would be connected through gatherings, allowing both sections to interact and rethink, perhaps it also creates a new lifestyle possibility for the elderly. Expecting to continuously promote this design philosophy, could reduce the use of pesticide, allow wood to replace RC, extend an architecture’s life cycle, revitalize forestry, and work towards the goal of “Healthy Habitants, Sustainable Earth“.

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