Flora, the girl that was cursed by the witch, can only see light and shadow. She can sense the weak star light to find her direction. There was noise from not far away, it’s from a walnut wine bar, the bubble on the roof top that made her dizzy, she fainted. She woke up on a grassland by with brisk melody and next to her is a giraffe playing ukulele. All of sudden she can see colors! Then they follow the ancient wall and found a magic door, they open the door, it’s a black forest with no sunshine, Flora can only follow the tree to move on…There is a hidden door she opened, fall right into a cup of milk tea, it’s the tea that King was going to treat his guests. Thru the blind, there is wool-like dawn. She swam back to the shore, opened another magic door, inside a spacious place with full of violets with white lines. She looked up, it’s Queens skirt, under the sun and indoor lighting, it shows amorous kind of the style. The girl got the Queen’s permission to release her curse, happily returned to the shepherd’s prairie, enjoy the sun and fall asleep on a white horse. After wake up, she finally realize she is only a flower on the door lobby waiting for her master to come home.

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