To present the idea into the architecture that the universal elements, including sun, air, plant and water breeding nature, the designer figuratively integrates the biological features of gerridae with the local civilization that transforms into the architectural framework, which implies the secured happiness as the bastion protecting the family.

The exposed concrete walls, with the decorations of rocks and logs, display distinguishing charms. The design plan advocates equally the qualities of both roughness and delicacy. The designer indicates that the importance of visual harmony, of which the space characteristics are cozy and the object styles are moderate.

Influenced from the siheyuan, the Japanese-style dining area decorated with cypress contrasts harmoniously with the western kitchen. The designer skillfully alleviates the significant differences between these two spaces by mixing black with wooden colors, which represents the great example of merging elegancy with roughness. The agreeable interaction between the two distinctive design elements creates exquisite visual effects in the meantime.

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