The living demands and spatial actual conditions are adopted for the design context. Through the vague and ambiguous boundaries of each area, the air and sunlight flow in the space freely. In this design, the areas are divided by functions, and each living space is connected by the light!
A movable Valchromat wall panel with owners’ names on it protects the multi-functional room, and part of the real wall covers the single-sized bed in the room. At ordinary times, the Valchromat wall panel is stacked with the real wall, creating an integral space for the living room, dining room and the multi-functional room. In this way, the sunlight separated in each area can be joined together, lighting up the public area and giving off a natural ambience. When the Valchromat wall panel is taken out to connect with the sliding door on the other side, it will turn the multi-functional room into a private workstation and also a guest room. The movable Valchromat wall panel can make the space seem apart but not actually afar, creating a proper distance in the living space.

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