Caption: Paradise on Earth
Taichung – Ying Mo

Origami concept – Majestic architecture
Towering at a height of 15m, Ying Mo occupies a spacious area, resembling a gigantic origami box with stars wrapped around the center. The unique façade ensures stability through the use of steel structural frame reinforced by tricolored wood plastic composite (WPC) and tempered glass to create a fusion between imagination and craftsmanship. The designer ingeniously applied contrasting colors of WPC to present an almost customized textile appearance, endowing the cold, rigid building with unexpected warmth and softness. The vast expanse of tempered glass has imbued the three interior floors with ample natural light.

Misty landscaping forges paradise on Earth
The eye-catching building of Ying Mo forms only a small part of the architect’s blueprint. Other features such as the floating island that embraces the building, old black pine, steamy waterscape, as well as the meandering path over the pool and stone veneers are paved at the bottom of the pool to intricately symbolize the imagery of karesansui (dry landscape). Complemented by uncanny lighting designed by Jou-Yi Design Studio, these

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