The project is located in China.
“X” indicates unprediction,which is full of possibilities.
“X” indicates refusal,which refuses any unimaginative vapidity.
It’s interesting to stay away from the ground. X – club tries to create an experience walking-in-air.
While entering X-CLUB,”GRG” white cloud emerges and full-fill one-side space.High-to-low cloud cluster design makes it possible for clients to get views and feel the heat from the stage. Every cloud cluster designed with decorated-light overhead is to establish a starry-sky scene.
One side of the center-pipe is all-covered by a LED screen. And dizzy-color on cloud cluster constantly change following what the subject LED screen plays. The middle part of quiet-bar area is constracted of acrylic.From this surface body ,after putting the view through projector, people can enjoy the live-show of the stage. Surround the sky-ceiling, there are LED screens in many sizes and shapes. The subjects playing on the screens also effects on scene of the whole interior space.
The concept of walking-in-air reverie does throughout the whole space. While people walks in X-CLUB, they can feel the vivid theme and definite experience.

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